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MicrodrillingAt Partridge Microdrilling Services we use conventional drilling methods using HSS, HSSCo, or solid carbide twist drills. We use the HSSCo drills for the drilling of the smaller range as these are the only drills available from 0.20mm down to 0.05mm,the only drawback with this type of drill is that their length is restricted to 7 x diameter.

We do most of our small hole drilling using binocular microscopes with magnification up to 35x,as we have found that it is important to be able to see how the drill is performing.

As stated above, the depth of the smaller holes is restricted, but small holes above 0.20mm can be drilled to a reasonable depth, dependant upon the range of drills available for that size of hole.

The drilling of small holes by conventional methods seems to have certain advantages over laser drilling, in that the hole produced is rounder without the molten burr on exit, so is better suited to gas or fluid flow applications.

Partridge Microdrilling are happy to quote for small batch/development jobs or for larger production runs.All work is undertaken on a free issue basis, with us just drilling the small holes in your components.

For more information or a quotation please contact us either by calling 01293 526525 or by using our enquiry form found on our contact page.

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